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Designed for lateral cleaning applications, requiring high pressure performance & high flexibility for cleaning smaller sewer pipes


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Drain Cleaning Hose



Barflex Black

Barflex Red

Barflex Blue

Lenflex Red

Coarse Cover

Made in USA

Slither Cover

Made in USA

Smooth Cover

Made in Italy

China Budget

Made in China

3/16" Hose________with 1/4" Male & 1/4" Female Swivel ends
3/16" 60 metres 165 BARflex03 60N 165 BARflex03-60R
1/4" Hose________with 1/4" Male & 1/4" Female Swivel ends
1/4" 60 metres 165 BARflex04-60N 165 BARflex04-60R
3/8" Hose________with 3/8" Male & 3/8" Female Swivel ends
3/8" 60 metres 165 BARflex06-60R

Which hose do I want?

The opinions on jetter hose are very diverse, and eventually comes down to personal preference. Given that, we offer 3 quality hoses, made in the USA and Italy, with features across the spectrum of styles.

The science of Physics tells us that 2 objects touching create friction. The more 2 surface areas touch, the greater the friction created. (known as Friction Co-efficient).

Slither style hoses ie hose with a rough surface, were introduced to the USA 8 years ago. This was a break through in hose technology, away from the traditional smooth covers that had a very high amount of friction.

The rougher the surface, the less is the friction.

Over time, manufacturers looking to launch something new, have started to re-introduce smoorth hoses. Not becuase they perform better, but just becuase ethey are different

We offer the entre range:

Cover: BARflex Red Slither

           Made in the USA, it is our most popular hose, with an ideal balance between friction and performance

Cover: BARflex Black

           Made in the USA, the coarse cover makes the hose a little harder to handle, but does offer a long life

           This hose has become popular with plumbers who have others opertaing their equipment

Cover: BARflex Blue

            Made in Italy, this hose satisfies those seeking options to the smooth covers offered by Zec Italy, Armadillo Platinum India and Pirhana USA




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