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Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer
107 KM3.10 Basic
Superseded Hot Water machine, built in Italy. We have the new model, so want to move our last 9 units of 107 KM3.10 Basic. Ideal for the lighter duty user for intermittent use.
$3,428.70  $2,562.00 + GST
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Things to know:
Power rating: G7500-LER2 is 3 phase. Each phase has max. 2000 watts (ie 3 x 2000 = 6000 Max)
Control Panel: Trade Panel is truly work safe, not like many models promotoed in our market

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Generator - Diesel
Generator - Diesel
123 G7500D-LER1
Generator - Diesel
Generator - Diesel
123 G7500D-LER2
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