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Spare / replacement part listing for both radiant heaters, models HK070R & HK125RW

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Diesel Radiant Heater Spare Parts





PIS 72-041-0100


PIS 72-041-0200

Wheel Frame

PIS 72-042-0100

Transport Handle

PIS 75-001-0060

Rear Frame

Drain Bolt

PIS 72-002-0220

Fuel Tank Cap Assembly

PIS 75-002-0110 PIS 72-002-0100 (HK125RW)

Fuel Filter Assembly

PIS 75-023-0270 PIS 72-020-0100

Fuel Pump Assembly

PIS 72-027-0150

Main PCB Assembly

Panel Sub PCB

Panel Sub PCB

PIS 72-014-0100


PIS 75-036-0435

Diffusion Cap

PIS 72-036-0210

Tip-Over Sensor

PIS 75-051-0200 PIS 75-051-0200

Motor & Pump Assembly

PIS 70-020-0580

Blower Motor Assembly

PIS 75-045-0205 PIS 72-045-0110

Photocell Assembly

PIS 75-038-0200 PIS 72-038-0210

Spark Plug

PIS 75-075-0200 PIS 75-075-0200


PIS 75-025-0125 PIS 72-025-0130


PIS 70-020-0220

Temperature Overheat Sensor

PIS 72-040-0100

Ceramic Fibre

PIS 75-035-0830

Heat Plate

PIS 75-012-0600

Safety Guard

PIS 75-012-0310

Front Frame

Operation (Power) Switch

PIS 75-012-0110 PIS 72-012-0120

Electronic Pump Assembly

PIS 75-027-0260

Cooling Motor Assembly

PIS 75-047-0255

Cooling Fan Assembly

PIS 75-047-0200

Shell Ring

PIS 75-011-0650

Spare / replacement part listing for all forced air heaters, models HK070F, HK125FW, HK175FW, HK215FW

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Axle, Wheel HK125RW
Replacement Axle for radiant heater HK125RW
PIS 72-041-0200
$15.17 + GST
In Stock
Replacement Handle HK070R
Replacement handle for radiant heater HK070R
PIS 75-001-0060
$3.00 + GST
In Stock
Replacement Wheel HK125RW Heater
Replacement wheel for HK125RW radiant heater
PIS 72-041-0100
Wheel Frame HK125RW
Replacement wheel frame for radiant heater HK125RW
PIS 72-042-0100
In Stock
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