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About Us

BAR Group Pty Ltd is a young company, established in 2004 with the aim of focusing singularly on the High Pressure Cleaning industry, including Pressure Cleaners, Industrial High Pressure Pumps & Sewer Jetters. Many of our staff have been involved with these products for most of their working careers.

BAR represents a group of North American and European manufacturers with outstanding international reputations, including:

  • Comet Italy - Italian style Electric machines
  • BE Pressure Canada - Domestic to Professional petrol machines
  • PA Italy - The world's leading manufacturer of components for our industry
  • Tecomec Italy - Sister comany of Comet, supplying accessories from gloabl factories
  • Maer Italy - Hot Water Electric Pressure Cleaners
  • High Pressure P:umps from Comet, CAT Pumps, Annovi, Interpump, Bertolini and others
  • Elsea Italy - Italian professional vacuum cleaners

BAR imported products are complemented by a range of locally designed and manufactured machines built to satisfy more specific requirements, such as mine site machines, mid size Jetters and Trailer packages.

Our products are offered to resellers and original manufacturers, and core to our values is the offering of first rate service. We aim to have all catalogue items on the shelf, with same day shipment for all orders.

Our customers are supported by field staff in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and WA who are dedicated to local sales and technical assistance, with locally warehoused stock for immediate needs.

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BAR Supply Partners

Our BAR range of Electric Pressure Cleaners are designed and manufactured by Comet Italy.

Comet have been building pumps and pressure cleaners for over 50 years and are one of the three largest manufacturers of this product in the world.

All pumps and machines are manufactured by Comet in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

50 Years of Italian Skill
Mercury Electric Pressure Cleaners Range Comet Factory, Italy

Many of our BAR Petrol Pressure Cleaners are manufactured by BE Pressure in Canada.

BE Pressure, established over 40 years ago, are one of the two largest manufacturers of Petrol Pressure Cleaners in North America. This makes them the biggest customer of Honda in Canada, and guarantees BAR the most competitive pricing for genuine Honda product.

All BE Pressure machines are manufactured in Canada, featuring genuine Honda engines.

BE Pressure Cleaners Range BE Pressure, Canada


B.A.R. Group - About Us

Our Production facility gives us the flexibility to build any machine you want.

While the standard BAR machines satisfy a major share of customer requirements, there are also needs for purpose built product, such as mine site machines, mid size Jetters and Trailer packages.

B.A.R. Group - Production

B.A.R. Group - Production Facility


Many of our Accessories are manufactured by PA of Italy.

PA are dedicated to the supply of high quality product and have become the world's leading manufacturer of pressure cleaner accessories. All items are manufactured by PA in one of their five Italian factories.

BAR are the largest Australian distributor of PA, and will soon boast off the shelf supply of every PA stocking item.

BE Pressure Cleaners Range PA, Italy

The Flowplant Group of Companies from the UK has over 37 years experience in the world of water jetting and sewer cleaning, and is Europe's largest One Stop supplier of water jetting products.

The revolutionary Harben radial-piston diaphragm pump offers variable pressure and flow rates without piston changes in a compact and lightweight package with a high power-to-weight ratio. As there are no piston seals in Harben pumps, the pumps can run dry without causing damage. Harben pumps can even pump recycled or sea water without modification, with filtration to only 150 micron.

BE Pressure Cleaners Range B.A.R. Group - Harben
B.A.R. Group - Partners


B.A.R. Group Pty Ltd is a young company established in 2004 in Australia. We are industry specialists in the pressure washer and industrial high pressure pump markets. We guarantee the most comprehensive range of Pressure Cleaner equipment in Australia.