B.A.R. Group Pty Ltd is a proud member of BE Pressure
Product Recalls

At BAR Group, your safety is our utmost priority. We are committed to bringing quality products to the Australian market that are safe and suited for Australian conditions.


We have a dedicated product team that does everything within their power to ensure our products meets both government standards as well as own stringent standards of quality and safety.


While we strive for excellence, occasional concerns may arise through the process of bringing a product to market, whether related to product quality, safety, packaging, or shipping errors. At BAR Group, we have a proactive plan in place to swiftly and effectively remove or remedy any such products brought to our market. Any item that falls short of both government and our own standards regarding any safety aspects will be promptly taken out of the market, and affected customers will be notified of the process of doing this through a Product Recall alert.


For your convenience, you can access any current Product Recall alerts and updates from this page. Should you require any more information or assistance please feel free to contact our team at any time via email ProductRecall@bargroup.com.au or phone 02 4577 2144.


Active Product Recalls:

Product Recalls