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Diesel Jetter Trailer
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Diesel Jetter Trailer
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240 BAR3516 DTB
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Diesel Jetter Trailer

Perkins Powered Jetter
Our best machines by far, featuring:
Perkins Professional Engines
Harben Pump

Max Pressure 3500 PSI
Max Flow 70 Litres per Minute
Manufactured in England

Yanmar 4TNV88 42Hp Diesel Engine

Harben P Pump



Registered trailer with twin water Tanks
Mk2 Safety gun with jets
1 set of std drain jets 3r,6r,3r1f
Fitted with Hydraulic Hose Reel & 150m hose
Inlet water hose reel & hose
Jump Jet
1 set HE drain jets 3r , 6r , 3r 1f
1xTiger tail hose feed guide

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Last updated 2/4/2023 2:06 AM
Yanmar 42Hp Diesel Engine
Harben P pump
3500 PSI @ 70 L/min.