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ST-175  Foam and Clean - 1/4" F
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ST-175 Foam and Clean - 1/4" F
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ST-175  Foam and Clean - 1/4" F


  • The change-over lance ST-175 Foam & Clean is the ideal accessory for Suttner's foam injector line. The innovative change-over technology allows to direct the full flow into either one or the other outlet pipe just by turning the hand wheel at the inlet
  • In one position of the hand wheel the flow is directed thru an ST-75 foam head for foaming. After changing over the full flow is directed thru the other pipe and a regular spray nozzle for rinsing
  • Appropriate nozzle sizing at chemical injector and ST-175 allows changing from foaming to rinsing right at the lance. ST -175 Foam & Clean is compatible to ST-160 / ST-160M / ST-164 / ST-166 / ST-167
  • Due to ST-175's changeable air injector nozzles the lance can be driven with all pressure washers with flow rates from 1 to 6 GPM. Nozzles with integrated jet former are required



  • 1/4" F.
  • Twin foam lance with vented handle ST-9 205mm, change-over valve ST-58,  nozzle protector ST-10 without nozzle and foam head ST-75.1 without nozzle.
  • A foam injector is required.
  • Max. 5075psi / 45 l/min / 100 °C
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Flow 45L/min
Pressure 5075psi
Length 420mm